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API. General Information

Find out how API methods are used in Orderry

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API is an interface for communication between third-party add-ons. You can integrate Orderry with any add-on by accessing the database via API. To get started with integration, you need to read the API specification and check available methods on the Settings > API page.

Please note that all the entries to the API are made on behalf of the employee using his or her unique API key. You can find an employee’s API key on the Settings > API page.

For example, if the employee whose API key you are using does not have access to a certain location or warehouse, data exchange through this API key with that location/warehouse will not be possible.

API Capabilities

1. You can create your own “Work Order Status” widget to use the search not by phone number but by work order number.

2. You can enable the automatic creation of Leads or Work Orders in Orderry when filling out the form on your website.

Pay attention to the types of fields in the work order/lead form in Orderry. Each type has its own restrictions on the number and type of characters.

E.g., in the work order form, the type of field “House number” is a number, and on your site, the customer may enter a letter in this field. In this case, there will be an error and the work order will not be automatically created on the basis of the request from the website.

3. Synchronization of the stock and product prices between Orderry and the catalog of products on your website.

Please note that when selling products from your website, the product is not automatically written off from the Orderry inventory and the sale is not automatically created on the Sales page in Orderry.

4. Exchange of customer data with various services for lead generation, bonus calculation, etc.

These are the most widespread examples as the use of API methods is very diverse 😉

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