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What Is The Asset And How To Use It?
What Is The Asset And How To Use It?

Find out why you need Assets in Orderry

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In many businesses, you work with clients' property not your own.

What is an Asset in Orderry? It can be a device, a vehicle, a piece of equipment, or other types of clients’ property that they give to you for service.

It can also be your company’s property such as equipment, machinery, cars (which your employees use), or equipment for rent or lease.

Important: Assets may have different names (Vehicle, Device, Appliance, Tool, Shoes, Garment) depending on the type of business you choose when creating your account.

With the Asset features in Orderry, you can:

  • create and see all of your and your clients’ assets that have ever been in your service as well as the work order history for each of them

  • see the exact location of each asset and its transfer history

  • know how many assets are there in your company's inventory, how many of them are there in your employees' inventory, and how many assets your clients have at the moment — with the help of asset warehouses and automatic transfers of assets by status

  • speed up work order processing and customer service by quickly adding assets to work orders

  • customize the asset form and how it is displayed in work orders

  • use the multi-level asset directory for fast and accurate information filling

  • print asset labels.

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