VIN Lookup Integration

Learn how to enable and configure the VIN Lookup integration to automatically identify a vehicle by its VIN

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VIN Lookup is a service for the automatic identification of brand, model, year, engine displacement, and other parameters of a car by its VIN code.

How to Enable and Configure an Integration with VIN Lookup

1. On the Settings > Integrations page, find the VIN Lookup integration in the "Other" section and click Configure.

2. Check the "Integration enabled" checkbox.

3. Select an asset group for which the automatic detection will work.

Keep in mind that asset groups are created and configured in the multi-level asset directory on the Settings > Directories > Assets page.

4. Configure field matching.

On the left, you’ll see what information fields about the car are displayed when the integration is configured: Brand, Model, Modification, Year, Body, Doors, Engine displacement, and Fuel.

On the right side, you need to select a matching field of the asset form.

Please note that you can customize the asset form on the page "Settings > Form Editor > Assets".

5. Click Save.

Done! The integration is enabled and configured.

How the VIN Lookup Integration Works

When creating an asset, specify the correct VIN code of the vehicle in the "VIN" field. Then, the other fields of the asset which you specified in the integration settings will be automatically filled with information about the car.

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