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Find out how to set up the List of Services and Labors and what group actions are available in the table

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You can customize the display of information in the table of the list of services. To do this click the table button to the right and check which columns should be displayed in the table.

Using the Checkbox column you can select or deselect all services on one page.

After selecting the services and labors from the bottom there is a panel with buttons for additional actions.

Click the Printer button 🖨️ to print out service labels or price tags. You can customize templates of labels and price tags on the Settings > Print Templates page.

Click the More actions button to open a list of possible group actions:

1. Make a labor. Change the type of the selected service to a labor.

2. Make a service. Change the type of selected labor to a service.

3. Change category. Change the category of services or labors.

Services and labors are differentiated by icons.

To remove services select the checkboxes and click the delete button.

Please note that on the Settings > Services and Labors list page, you can also get the list of labors/services on your PC as an Excel file by clicking on the Export button.

Use the search to quickly find a labor in the list. On all pages of Orderry, the search field has autofocus so you do not need to click and write a search entry. You can immediately start typing and it will be displayed in the search field.

Important: To start the search you have to enter at least 3 characters and hit the Enter button.

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