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Learn how to set up and use Xero integration

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Xero is online accounting software for your business that connects you to your bank, accountant, bookkeeper, and other business apps.

The integration with Xero allows Orderry users to:

  • automatically create new customers from Orderry in Xero

  • automatically or manually sync Orderry work orders and invoices with Xero

  • match taxes in Orderry and Xero

  • update the invoices already created in Xero from Orderry just in one click

  • automatically save products and services from Orderry work orders or invoices to Xero

How to Set Up and Enable Xero Integration

1. Go to the Settings > Integrations page, find Xero under Invoicing, and click Configure.

2. Check Integration enabled.

If necessary, enable the “Create new clients in Xero” checkbox. Orderry checks if there is a client in Xero by name. If such a client already exists, then an invoice will be created. If there is no client with this name, then it will be automatically created in Xero.

Important: we advise you to specify the full names of clients in Orderry so that they are different and do not exactly match. In Xero, a client's name is a unique identifier, so if different clients have the same name in Orderry, then in Xero it will be one client.

Please note, if you have the “Create new clients in Xero” checkbox unchecked and the client from the work order/invoice is not in Xero, then such a work order/invoice will not be sent to Xero.

3. Check the “Send Invoices from Orderry to Xero” checkbox if you want to send invoicing data from Orderry to Xero.

You can set up automatic sending by status below. To do this, select an invoice status. As a result, every invoice that you move to the specified status will automatically be sent to Xero.

You can also enable the manual sending of invoices. To do this, check the “Allow sending information from Orderry invoices to Xero manually” checkbox. As a result, a “Send to Xero” button will appear on each invoice in Orderry for manual sending.

4. Check the “Send Work Orders from Orderry to Xero” checkbox if you want to send work order information from Orderry to Xero.

You can set up automatic sending by status below. To do this, select a work order status. As a result, every work order that you put into the specified status will automatically be sent to Xero.

You can also enable the manual sending of work orders. To do this, check “Allow sending information from Orderry work orders to Xero manually”. As a result, each work order in Orderry will have a “Send to Xero” button for manual sending.

5. Set up tax matching.

In the “Tax code in Xero” column, type the code of the tax from the Xero system.

The tax code can be found in your Xero on the Accounting > Tax rates page.

Press ctrl + shift + i and open the Console tab.

Click the arrow in the left corner of the console and then click on the name of the relevant Tax Rate.

In the console, you will see the Tax Code which looks like this:

  • TAX001, TAX002, TAX003 etc. for custom Tax rates

  • OUTPUT, INPUT, NONE etc. for default Tax rates

Important: you need to have a default chart of accounts "Sales" with code 200 for the integration to work correctly. Because this Account is automatically assigned for all products and services in invoices.

In the “Tax code in Orderry” column, select the matching tax from the Orderry system. We remind you that you can add and adjust taxes on the Settings > Taxes page.

If you use more than one tax, click the + Add field button and adjust the matching.

6. Click Save. Congratulations, the configuration is complete and now you can move on to the next step — authorization.

How to Sign In and Connect Xero to Orderry

1. Go to your user profile under Personal info and click the Enable button next to Xero.

2. Allow access to your Xero account.

After that, you will see that Xero is successfully connected.

Important: If you want your employees to also be able to use the integration and send invoices to Xero, then each employee must be logged in to their account.

How It Works

Depending on the options you select in the integration settings window, invoices or work orders from Orderry are automatically or manually sent to Xero.

You can see these invoices on the Business > Invoices page.

If a Xero invoice has already been sent, you will see a warning when you try to do it again manually or automatically from Orderry.

Click Update existing invoice to have the previous invoice data deleted and completely updated with the new data. Click Create new invoice to keep the previous invoice information and create a new invoice (with a new number) in Xero.

How are Products and Services from Orderry Invoices/Work Orders Transferred to Xero?

Products and services are searched by name as the name is a unique identifier.

If you already have all services and products created in Xero, then we recommend exporting them and importing them into Orderry.

If you do not have products and services created in Xero, they will automatically be created in Xero when you transfer invoices from Orderry.

Please note that the Code field will duplicate the product name because this field is mandatory in Xero. You can edit the product and change its code in Xero.

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