By default, the following prices are created and displayed in Orderry: Retail, Zero, and Repair (the names of the markups depend on the type of activity you selected when signing up).

You can also configure the display of these prices on the Inventory > Stock page. To do this, click the table button and tick the prices you need. Drag the column name to change its location.

You can see the purchase price of a product in the product card on the Shipments tab, as well as in the posting document for this item.

To display the purchase price on the Inventory > Stock page, as well as to select this price when adding to a work order, sale or invoice, you need to take the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the Settings > Prices and discounts page and click the + Price button.

Step 2. Name the price (e.g. "Purchase") and set the markup to 0%.

Step 3. Set user access permissions and click Create.

A new column with the purchase price appears on the Inventory > Stock page.

Important: the Purchase column will display the purchase price of the last batch of goods. When adding a product to a work order, sale, or invoice at this price, the cost of the last batch of goods will also be set.

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