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How To Set Landscape Orientation When Printing A Document?
How To Set Landscape Orientation When Printing A Document?

Learn how to print a document in landscape orientation

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There are 2 ways to make landscape orientation when printing a document in Orderry. Let's review each of them.

Option 1. Setting landscape orientation in the print preview window

Use this option in case you usually print a document in portrait orientation but sometimes you want to change it to the landscape.

To do this, select Landscape in the Layout field of the preview window.

Please note that the preview window varies from browser to browser.

Option 2. Setting landscape orientation in a specific document template

Use this option if you always print one or more documents in landscape orientation, and others always in portrait.

1. Go to the Settings > Print Templates page, select a document you need and click the Source Code button.

2. At the beginning of the document, paste the code below and save the changes. After that, save the document.

@page {
size: A4 landscape;
margin: 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm;

Done! Now when you print this document, it will be printed in landscape orientation.

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